Where I Want To Go Around the World

This post is for the student blogging challenge week 2.

I have been overseas twice. I have been to New Zealand and Vietnam. It was a great experience. New Zealand is kind of like Australia just a different accent and colder! Vietnam is much different than Australia because of it’s road rules, accent and much more. I found that the Vietnames people are so friendly and happy even though they have had a hard life, but it is confusing with how they speak. I think NZ is great! It was a good plane trip because it was only 2 hours not 10!! I love going to different countries and seeing different cultures and food.  I l like seeing new and different things. These are the places would like to go around the world and a breif sentence of what I would do there.

  • Italy, see the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
  • France, climb the Eiffel Tower.
  • Fiji, snorkel in the reefs.
  •  Thailand, eat hot curries!
  • England, Meet the Queen
  • Scotland, search for the Loch Ness Monster
  • Ireland, Meet a lepracon
  • Africa, go on a safari






7 thoughts on “Where I Want To Go Around the World

  1. G’day Emma,
    What a great list of places to visit. I am lucky enough to have done 5 of those you mention – Italy, France, Fiji, Thailand and Scotland.

    But Vietnam is one place I have not been to – I tend to stick to countries where English is the main language thought I did spend time in Japan to practise the language.

  2. Great list Emma. I’ve been to France, England, Scotland, Ireland and Thailand. I haven’t been to Vietnam, but I have been to Malaysia. To great thing about going to Asia, is that even though English is the second language, everybody speaks some English there. That’s not so true in France. Well actually I have been told they do speak English, but they like to make tourists suffer by pretending they don’t. I tried to order a coke from MacDonald’s one hot night in Paris and they started cooking something. I’d been practicing my French too!

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  4. Hi Emma,
    I have been to 15 different countries and I have lived in 2 different countries. I have visited:
    1. Holland
    2. South Africa
    3. Tanzania
    4. Maldives
    5. Singapore
    6. West Malaysia
    7. New Zealand
    8. Papua New Guinea
    9. East Malaysia
    10. Brunei
    11. Taiwan
    12. Hong Kong
    13. Japan
    14. Philippines
    15. United States of America (USA)

    My daughter, who is 11 this year, was born in America. My favourite countries were Papua New Guinea, Philippines and Taiwan. In Papua New Guinea I was able to stay in a village for a week. They had never seen a white person before and they would keep touching my skin to see if I was real. I had so much fun there and even though I couldn’t speak the same language as they could, I was still able to share things with them through gestures.

    In the Philippines I got to ride in a tricycle taxi. These were lots of fun, but the drivers were a little bit crazy. They would dart between cars and other tricycle taxi’s and would drive very fast.

    Some of my new friends in Taiwan took me to the night markets where I got to try eating squid on a stick. It was very tasty and lots of people were eating them. I guess it was no different to seeing someone at the show/Ekka walking around with a dagwood dog. I also had snake soup for dinner that night. It was OK but very boney.

    I hope that one day you can make it to some of the countries you have listed above.

    • Hi Teresa,
      Wow you have been to may countries!! My Grandma was born in Paupa New Guinea and I would be col to visit the country. When I was in Vietnam lots of people were staring at me too because of my blonde hair. I one of the markets they kept touching it a playing with it (it was a little weird though) 🙂 When I grow up I would like to visit as many countries as you.

  5. Dear Teresa,
    Hi! My name is Kiara and I really liked this post. I liked this post because you provided where you want to go and what you were going to expect to see. This is a great post to write about. Maybe in your next post you can write about your fiction experience at one of those places and what you did. Did you know that the Leaning Tower Of Pisa leans about 3.9 meters? This post reminds me of the time when my godmother and my godsister went to France. They said it was very fun. You describe the difference between Vietnam and Australia. Thank you for telling me where you want to go and see. This was very interesting!
    NJ, USA

    • Dear Kiara,
      Thank you for that comment. I will defiantly think about doing the post that you suggested.
      By the way my name is Emma not Teresa, but it doesn’t matter 🙂

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