10 people I want to meet dead or alive

This post is for the student blogging challenge week 2

1. Queen Elizabeth II- How old were you when you became Queen?

2. Libby Trickett- What is your favourite stroke?

3. Ned Kelly- Did you like being shot at all the time?

4. Usain Bolt- What did it feel like when you became the fastest man in the world?

5. Ellen Degeneres- Why did you want to have your own show?

6. Leanardo DaVinci- How long did it take you to paint the Mona Lisa?

7. Stephanie Rice- What is your best time?

8.  Jennifer Antison- How many movies have you been in?

9.  Julia Gillard- How do you cope with all the stress?

10. Person who invented Ice Cream- How did you come up with the recipe?

7 thoughts on “10 people I want to meet dead or alive

  1. Hello Emma! My name is Lauren and I am a 7th grade student from Austin, Texas. In your questions you said you wanted to talk to Ellen DeGeneres, are you like her show? Are you also a fan of Jennifer Antison? You said you wanted to talk to the person who invented ice cream is that your favorite dessert/food? Come check out my blog at laurenb717.edublogs.org!

    • Hi Lauren, I am in Year 6 at North Star Public School. I think it would be awesome to interview Ellen because she is very inspiring. I would like to interview Jennifer Antison because she is in lots of movies and she is a greaty actor. Yes I would love to meet the person who invented ice cream because it IS my favourite desserty but I do love anything sweet. I have a big sweet tooth and so does my dad and sister! Thanks for commenting on my blog and leaving your blog address.

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